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Half a century ago, an American pastor named Francis Schaeffer opened his home in Switzerland to anyone who was struggling with the basic questions of life. It was the beginning of L'Abri, a word meaning 'shelter.'
Cualquiera que sea la pregunta que tengas, sea del amor, sufrimiento, soledad, culpabilidad, Dios, el futuro o el signicado de tu vida, la Biblia tiene la respuesta. Considera estas analogias:
Christ our Redeemer!
Do you think you need to set boundaries as a pastor?
Do you have a problem with Hypocrisy in your Church?

Being and living an honest Christian life should just be a natural endeavor. We, who have been filled with the Holy Spirit, know the Scriptures should have no problem with honest living, yet we do. The entire human race is hypocritical at one time or another, somehow this is our nature, as demonstrated by our history, actions, interpersonal relationships, divorce court and testimony by behavioral scientists. There is perhaps not a person on this planet who has not...
Visit their rooms: Check out bulletin boards. Look at books, magazines, CDs. Observe posters and pictures. Try to personally visit each youth once a year, and call them once a month (for large youth groups, for smaller ones double this....
How is the Bible different from any other book? Look at the evidence…

If the Bible claims to be the Word of God. It is a special book. This leads to a very personal question...What does it mean to you?
These are not good days for the evangelical church as three recent books agree: 'No Place for Truth' by David Wells; 'Power Religion' by Michael Horton; and 'Ashamed of the Gospel' by John MacArthur. Though the titles speak clearly, the subtitles are even more revealing. Respectively, they are: Whatever Happened to Evangelical Theology?
¿Esta el carácter de reverencia operando en ti?

God's grace and abundant mercy is available to us now and as an inheritance!
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