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Ezine for the Week of November 14, 2011

By ITW Staff
Growing in Christ is the key to growing a faith, a family and a fellowship!
Growing in Christ is the key to growing a faith, a family and a fellowship!

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It is our VISION and call, and commitment to point the church back onto the path of making disciples. It is our passion and directive to lead Christians away from our false perceptions and into His way.
We Need your Help! Every small bit of help, helps us serve our Lord!
1978-2008+, Over Thirty Years of Ministry, Praise God!
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Weekly Bible Study
Surrender means we trust our Lord Jesus Christ in all things without doubt or fault in our faith. We let go our hold on our perceived rights, agendas, and opinions that are not lined up to His. In this way, we can surrender to His love and embrace God's will for our lives, live His Way in holiness, and become a benefit to the lives of others. We come before God and under new management-His. The Discipline of Surrender is a discipline because we have to make it a daily decision and practice. It is something we...
The Meaning of Advent, "Advent" simply means coming as in Christ is coming, and for us now He has arrived. This is referring to His birth in history and in humanity.

Monthly Bible Study Article
Radical Discipleship Take up the Cross Part III
What does it take to venture into radical discipleship? Trust! Trust is a response from our faith that pleases God! This is our prime purpose as a Christian: to glorify our Lord and enjoy our relationship in Him! We do this by being in Him with our full trust. It is a pivotal aspect of our growth in Christ, and the intention of sincere due diligence in acting out our faith--no matter what. However, many of us Christians today may sing about it and preach about it; yet, the actual exercise of it is abysmal. We forget that a uthentic faith in Christ as Lord is where our assurance and confidence comes from; that faith is...
Is Christ Greater in You? Take up the Cross Part II
Do not allow anything or anyone to come between you and Christ!

Monthly Leadership Article

Understanding and Developing Christian Accountability

What is accountability? It is a check and balance system to protect us from harm from ourselves and others. We do this by being open to what we are thinking and doing so we can receive encouragement and reproof, when needed. Christian accountability is accounting for what...

The Simple Problem of Most Churches is...

To say it flat out, the problems our churches face are not so much how we do things; it is how we are! The problem is not what we do in our worship services; it is how we treat the people that go to our services...

What is going on?
A word from our Director: Life in full-time ministry these past few years, and even more so, these last few months have been wild! I can't tell you all that is going on, most of it you would not believe it, as I am still trying to wrap my head around it all. The rest is too sensitive for the protection of our people in sensitive areas. This is hard for me to hold it in, but what I can say, is, WOW! The Gospel, worldwide (not so much here in the US) is expanding and moving more powerfully than anytime in church history, we are planting more churches and training more pastors as a single ministry, not to mention collectively with other originations, than many denominations have in their history. And if you know me you know I know church history and do not kid about it, and we are in the midst of it! It is mind blowing and how awesome our Lord is! Yet, the pushback from the enemy is evermore so intense. Most of us are facing seemingly insurmountable hurdles with physical, financial and relational issues. As giving is way down, dealing with massive losses due to natural disasters and manipulations by evil people, the board has to shut some of our overseas operations down, while the ministry is expanding exponentially. I and others face annoying and critical life threatening illness and setbacks, like we can't pay our bills or help our sick. Which is frustrating, because it seems many American Christians are more concerned with chasing personalities, fads and nonsense like watering down the Word of God and not focusing on Christ, while they miss out on the astonishing work our Lord is doing! I am sure I am not talking to or about you, because you are reading this!

Please keep in mind and prayer that we and our ministry are in need! We are experiencing our own recession, but we are trusting in God's provisions and blessings as we seek to know and serve Him better.

Prayer Requests

· For more ministry supporters and prayer warriors.

· Provision of all our financial, ministry, and family needs!

· Good health for us, as well as wisdom and resources so we can better partake in the opportunities God has for us, both personally and for the ministry!

· For the help, resources, and contacts to come our way with the right opportunities and associations!

· For the Lord to use us to minister as we research and develop books, resources, and curriculums for pastors, discipleship, and biblical church leadership development.

· Pray for a relief and victory over our spiritual warfare situations!

Our Purpose is to point to the Supremacy and Centrality of Christ, and with your partnership we can expand God's Kingdom by becoming and developing wholeheartedly, fully-engaged followers of Jesus Christ. If you want to help support us in these endeavors and ourpastoral training overseas, then please let us know.

There is no question - we are serving our Lord Jesus Christ because of your prayers, support and partnership, Thank-You!

We need your help!
We have a $150K shortfall, and we need your partnership to make our obligations and keep this ministry going!

This and Next Weeks Bible Reading Schedule


Acts 15-16

Deuteronomy 13-15

Ezra 1-5

Psalms 131-133

Ecclesiastes 7-8

Zechariah 1-7

I Peter 4-5


Acts 17-18

Deuteronomy 16-19

Ezra 6-10

Psalms 134-136

Ecclesiastes 9-10

Zechariah 8-14

II Peter

Our Bible reading chart is sent to you 1 and 2 weeks ahead...

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For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but made alive in the Spirit.
1 Peter 3:18

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Growing in Christ is the key to growing a faith, a family and a Fellowship!
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