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Bible Study in James

The Epistle of James
James is a book about the application of our faith and the importance to learn and grow in Christ. That way, we can grow in faith and maturity so we can apply our Christian character and conduct in how we are to others! The primary theme running through James is the knowledge we are given by our Lord. The knowledge we gain from our experiences in life must be rooted in our hearts so it can bubble up into our daily life. That is, the knowledge that is in our heart must transition to how we live our life! At the time, the...
James Introduction Part I

The Epistle of James Background Material.

Background Setting for the Gospel of James.

James' Epistle was copied and dispatched to all the known Christian world as a handbook on how to endure persecution, model authentic faith, and be encouraged because Christ loves you! It was also a first century sermon resource to pastors! James is primarily speaking to Jews living in Jerusalem who are starting to face persecution. Given the period; it has only been a decade since Jesus' death and resurrection. The Pharisees had started to persecute the early Christians. They Killed James the brother of John, then Steven, and Paul was on the prowl to destroy the Church (Acts 6-9).

James Outline
This is an outline to the Epistle of James. James draws principally from Psalm 15 as well as Matthew, chapters 5 through 7...

Psalm 15: A Primer for James
Using Our Faith To Live the Life To Which We Have Been Called! This study starts our eighteen week series in the Epistle of James. It is our desire to challenge you to grow further in your faith and the application of the Christian life!

Verse by verse Exegetical and Inductive in-depth Bible Study in James

 Seeking Jesus to Deal with Problems!
 Seeking Wisdom to Deal with Life!

 Seeking the Proper Perspective on Life!
 Holding on to the Goodness of God!
 Are you Listening?
 Becoming Doers of the Word!
 The Call to Avoid Favoritism!
 Do Faith and Works Go Together?

 Taming the Tongue!

 Wisdom, the worlds or God's?

 God hates Pride!

 How to Repent!
 Do Not Judge!
 Do Not Plan Ahead Without God!
 Do You Have an Oppressors Heart?

 Patience in Suffering!
 The Power of Prayer!

 Bring Back Our Wandering Brothers!
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What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save him? James 2:14
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