Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. - Psalm 119:105


Periodic verse by verse inductive and exegetical Bible Study series into the Book of Psalms…
Psalm 1        Which Way Will We Go?
This first Psalm gives us two ways to lead life: the way of the sinner, and the way of the righteous.
Psalm 2           The Lord's Triumph!
This Psalm contrasts the kingships of God and man: one is of hostility, folly, and meaninglessness, and One is of greatness, comfort, and purpose.
Psalm 3             The Lord's Comfort!
Do you ever feel overwhelmed, angry, and/or frustrated? Are you worried and anxious? Then, this Psalm is for you!
Psalm 4              Please Answer me God!
Here David cries out to God. He knows Him and knows of His grace and ability to hear and care. He seeks communion and help: have mercy on me God, and hear my prayer!
Psalm 5:1-7     Calling Upon God!
David passionately cries out to God, as we all ought to do! OH, Lord please hear my prayer...
Psalm 5:8-12  Seeking God's Guidance!
David wants clarity of God's will for him in the here and now-no esoteric theorems or hidden meanings or "feel good" analogies; he wants to know now what to do.
The bottom line in the Psalms is that the choice of how to live your life is yours; you have the choice to be blessed, as a tree nourished by His Living Water (John 7:37-39) or perish as the chaff that is worthless and blows away (Matt. 3:12; 10:34-39; 13:47-50). You can have the high road or skid row; to be blessed or seek self destruction; to be in Him or to be away from Him! How will you now live? God has given you the abundant life, but you still have to reach for it and apply it by faith and obedience. The godly will always choose to allow God to direct their lives. He charts our course; it is the best course and plan conceivable, far beyond any hope we could have on our own. So, allow yourself to be directed by the God and Creator of the universe-not your feeble ways! Make God's Word a significant part of your life so you are infused with His Truth, and so the Spirit is firm and impacting in you! Then, you can impact others with His character and precepts.

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